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Extracts From The Governor's Log – 1858

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This being the nearest & as far as it yet known the only island in the vicinity of Singapore in which good building stone can be processed. The Governor deems it advisable to make arrangements for reserving for the fire houses of Government the whole of the granite, enforce certain limits on the seaface of the island. & accordingly directs the executive officer of the Stalion to report ashore the correct establishment that would be required for heaving the Granite & other contingent expenses that Such a work would necessitate in its carrying out & supervision effort as reported.


requested that an immediate outlay of 500 dollars for the purchase of boats & erection of houses, together with a monthly expenditure of dollars 38 for an establishment would be necessary. The authority to increase the _(unknown word)_ Establishment not lying with the Governor, the monthly outlay could not be sanctioned but 1000 Rupees was authorized to be expended on this work during the period of one year of Rupees 25 granted for the erection of buildings etc. etc. on the island. The purchase of boats the governor looked upon as disadvantageous & considered as more advisable that they should be hired. & accordingly sanctioned the disbursement of 50 dollars monthly for this purpose.