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The interviews were held on 4 August, the second day of the interdisciplinary project. We conducted surveys with Singaporeans living in the mainland (or the 'urbanites') and the residents in Pulua Ubin (urbanites). The surveys were carried out mainly to find out the views of the public regarding the redevelopment of Pulau Ubin. A questionnaire was planned a day earlier. After the surveys, the data was collated and analysed.

The Mainland survey


Wenjun and Zi-Ming conducted the surveys. The location was in the Central Business District, and our targeted sample size was twenty. After exchanging data with the other groups, our eventual sample size was 30. Questions asked included whether the interviewee supported development of Ubin, and whether the interviewee was aware that redevelopment was going to take place, and whether the interviewee has visited Ubin before. Others points like race, age, sex was noted.


The objectives of the mainland survey were to find out how aware the urbanites were of the plans to redevelop Ubin, and whether they supported the plans. The survey was also conducted to find out how race, age, or sex affected the public's view of the matter.


Our Findings are briefly displayed in the following chart: 




The following conclusions can be drawn from our findings: -