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Part    1    -->    On    Pulau    Ubin

Here is some data that we have collated:

Ali, a malay male aged 68, has been living here since he was born. He, like many other "Ubinites" were not told directly about the redevelopment but read it in the newspapers. He strongly hopes for redevelopment as it will benefit the country and provide more housing for the growing population

HuaEng is a chinese female who has been living here since she was two. the 50-yr old also found out about the redevelopment from the newspapers and feels that that would mean better Business for her shop

YiFeng is a chinese female who came to the island since she was 22. She has doubts about redevelopment but says that the "Ubinites" can do nothing if the government wants to redevelop the island. However, it will bring more visitors and better business

Surong, who is a drink-seller, is a Malay who feels that his drinks will be sold out much faster if there is redevelopment.

Johar has not heard about the redevelopment, but the 43-yr-old agrees totally with the redevelopment, but not all of island, as the government should preserve "kampung" life which most residents are accustomed to.

Bagnall is a tourist from New Zealand. The reason why he came to Ubin was to have some peace and quiet. Still, he believes some chalets and resting huts should be built to give tourists a better life there. He suggests a longhouse or something unusual to attract more tourists.

Jerry comes from China. He would like redevelopment but not too much: He says "it spoils the beautiful atmosphere".

The view from the jetty at Changi Point

A disused quarry at Pulau Ubin