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Who Am We?


This is a brief description about each member of this group doing this project, namely, Group 3:


Wen Jun: He is male (duh!). He is fourteen. He has two eyes, two ears, a nose etc. (corny huh?) Sometimes, he can be quite "blur" and a bit too blunt, but overall he is a nice guy. He is a member of the Chess Club. Email him at:


Jamin: He is also male (double duh!). He is a "slacker", and usually does his homework on the morning that it is due. He is usually quite sleepy in the mornings, especially during lessons (hee hee!), but he is also a nice guy too! (What the heck, we're all nice guys, right?) He is a Lance Corporal in the Boys' Brigade. Email him at:


Zi-Ming: He is the class representative for our... class! He is also very responsible, and does not usually do homework in the morning (see! So guai!) People think that Zi-Ming is a very good boy, but of late, he has become a bit more "slack". He is also a Lance Corporal in the Boys' Brigade, and he is a member of the school table-tennis team. Email him at:

Timothy: He is the class chatterbox, and sometimes does not know when to keep quiet, especially during lessons. He usually irritates teachers and students alike, and is a masochist (look it up in the dictionary, plebian), and thus the physical deterrent is ineffective. He is a member of the school tennis team. Email him (if you have to) at:


Vincent: Vincent is a good leader, being a prefect in the school. He is also one of the guai boys, and I don't think he does his homework in the morning (not usually anyway) but in the MRT. He is a very active person, being the Lower Secondary Captain of the bowling team and an avid soccer player. Email him at:


Jeremy: Being one of the four 'Jeremys' in class, he is affectionately known as J Wang. He is an active member in the Boys' Brigade. Jeremy is responsible and 'on' in whatever he does. He has a talent for singing, and is the music representative of our class. He is also a soccer fanatic, and supports Manchester United. Email him at:


Shenglong a.k.a. Jeremy Yeo (Note: Another Jeremy!!!): He is known for making witty and profound comments in class. He is an avid player of computer games. He is a committee member of the Computer Services Team. He likes writing compositions and poetry, and is pretty darn good at it too! Email him at:

(From left) Behind: Vincent & Jeremy Wang
Front: Wen Jun & Ziming

(Clockwise From Top Left) Jamin , Shenglong & Timothy