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About Myself !!

Name : Vincent Chan Chi Meng

DOB : 28/09/84 *hint hint*

Religion : Roman Catholic

Country : Singapore

Pager No. : 95003289

School : Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) [Sec 4]

CCA : Bowling

Hobbiez : Bowling, Movies, Computers, Collecting Stuff

Favourite Colour : Blue [Can't U Tell?]

Favourite Subject : Mathematics 'D'

Favourite Number : 9082

Place of Best Memories : OLPS Church

Favourite Place in SG : Home

Email Address :

ICQ UIN : 7868454

mIRC Nick : AllThEwAy

Hi there! Looks like you wanna know some stuff about me... there's really nothing much here, email me if you wanna know more... As for those who wanna noe if I'm attached yet... guess!! Anyway, my life right now is very boring as we approach the O Level examinations... I think I should be studying now, but, being the lazy person I am... yeah, that's right, I haven't started!! Much of my life is either spent at home, in school, or in church. I used to bowl very often, but not so much anymore. Hey for those who are thinking about taking up bowling... watch out!! It's a very very expensive sport. The equipment I currently use costs about $1k... and plus the 4 bowling balls I don't use any longer.... that's another $1k... :> As for what I'm involved in now... I'm the Captain of the ACS(I) Bowling Team... and the Vice-Prez of the St Pius X Altar Servers' Society... At this point I'd like to say that I have absolutely no idea wat else to say... So I'd like to say "Hi!" to all my good friends, from the SPX society: Lucius, David, Bradley, James, Nigel, Gabriel, Leonard, Daniel, Linus, and all the other cute young boys... from Church: Bianca, Steph, Rae, Rachael, Jacinta, Kay-lene, Charlene, Grace, Shawn, Christian (wait, 8 gals 2 guys?) and all the other people I did not mention... from School : Andrew, Zhaolin, Mark, Ryan, and all the wonderfully crazy people from class of 4.15 and the ACS(I) bowling team... from mIRC: Chelsea, Vanessa, Melissa, Brenda, Nen Wen, Denise and all the others on my ICQ list which has about 200+ names on it.... hey, am I starting to sound like a buaya? oh well..... *grinz* Yep, if you're reading this line then I'm surprised at your patience in reading all the names of my friends.... check out the rest of this site ok? When I've finished constructing it.....


Last Updated : 11 September 2000