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12 September 2000

2nd day of the Prelims.... I'm slowly dying... Chem pract was mostly ok except that I did not read the VA question properly, and hence could not derive the Mr of the unknown... sheesh... Tomorrow is the Chem theory paper... hey JL, after today's 2 hours can you actually remember anything?

Hmm some students just cannot behave themselves in public... I took a bus number 14 home today... and the students in the East Area boarded in huge numbers... shouted across the bus... spitting at each other, punching each other, scolding each other vulgarities... and a group tore up a newspaper and left it lying around the bus... what are schools teaching their students these days?

I sometimes wonder what is the use of studying... I attempt to study everything... and yet can only remember a limit amount of stuff... for Geog it's ok, you can choose the type of question (4 out of 12) but for Physics and Chem forget a certain topic and die... ah well... what the heck.... back to mugging... (2.35pm)

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