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14 September 2000

My apologies to all who have been faithfully reading this silly diary, for my entries these few days would be rather short due to the limited time I have to spare. Today was the Biology Practical, and one of the easiest papers so far... one funny thing that happened though, was that Jinlong got his drawing samples mixed up, and thus totally cocked up the second section of the paper.... Hey Jinlong, must get full marks for the theory paper horz...

Sigh, tomorrow's Geography.... one of the subjects I need to do well in.... and at this time, 1 hour before I'm going to sleep, I cannot seem to remember in detail anything.... I'm gonna die.... I hope the paper is manageable....

Hey Shenglong... what rubbish are you signing in my guestbook? Maybe it's because of you that the guestbook happens to be down now... §=Þ

Oh well, to all in my class who take Geography... good luck! Too all who don't... have fun on Monday!!!


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