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Welcome To My Webpage!!!


Hi, my name is Vincent, and this is a webpage about me, me, and well, ME!! Yes, This should tell you just about everything I want you to know about me. To go straight to my Biodata, click here. If you have questions for me, or just wanna bug me, email me at I welcome all emails, well, maybe not all, please don't mail bomb me..... please also sign my guest book before you leave this page!


6 Aug (9.00pm)
Added 3more photos in the spx section, they are not very clear though
Added a Church Photo Section with 4 photos
Added a Bowling Photo Section with 7 photos
More to come when I find the time

11 Sep (8.50pm)
Added a photo of myself in the "About Me" section
The St Pius X Altar Servers' Society webpage is finally up (Lucius you sure took your time)
My FIRST diary entry!!!!

12 Sep (2.40pm)
Diary entries will now be added periodically, it will not be mentioned here in the updates section.

21 Sep (8.27pm)
Diary put on hold for me to concentrate on passing my exams
New site link added

This page is still under contruction..... please note that most of the links still do not work!!

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Last updated: 21 Sep 2000